Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Baptism!

A little over a week ago we headed to Omaha, NE to visit my sister-in-law and family and more importantly to be there for Alex's baptism.  It was a very special day, even Alex new it was his day! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swim Lessons!

We finally deceded it was time to sign Brayden up for swim lessons again. He was getting very brave in the bath and wasn't having any problems putting his face under the water so we figured he was ready. We went to Gig Harbor high school to sign him up for the new season and Rob dusted off his swim suit and mentally prepared himself to get in for Brayden's swim lesson. To our suprise, Rob didn't have to get in. It was going to be Brayden's very first non-mommy and me swim lesson. I am not sure who was more nervous.... US or Brayden! When Brayden found out he got very quiet.....

He paced around the pool for a good 15 minutes...

Rob and I watched the lessons before his and just kept staring at each other wondering if Brayden would be able to do all of that???

At first he was a little nervous....

But it took about 2 seconds for him to get into it....

It's cute because everytime he does something he gets the biggest smile on his face. His mouth is wide open the enire lesson, his instructor keeps laughing at him and try's to get him to shut it so he doesn't keep swallowing water.

At the end of every practice they get to work on their jumps!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Sundays!

We love lazy Sundays, mostly me and Rob. But to get the kids to burn some energy so they don't go batty we have dance parties.

Have a great week!


The Brunsman's had a great week off hunckering in and playing in the snow. It was so nice to be home with the kiddos and the hubby for a whole week! I could definantly get use to it. The kids loved it, well at least for 2 days. By day three we were all over it and needing to get out of the house ASAP!

As you can see form the dept of the snow, this was just the beginning of it!

By mid afternoon things really picked up!

In between the snowball fights we had to come in and warm up a bit!

Aren't they beautiful!

On day two we woke up to quite a bit more snow. The kids could hardly walk. It hit right below Kuenzie's knees.


By day 3 everything had frozen over. For the most part the kids could just walk on top of all 8 inches of snow.

At the end of each day we put in a movie and laid by a nice warm fire.

Thank God it's all over!